Hello, and thanks for having a look at the ‘MultiSki’ website.

Our aims are fairly simple – to introduce as many skiers of varying abilities to each other so that mixed groups can go skiing together.

If you have been skiing or snowboarded for a while, it can sometimes be difficult when a friend / partner comes on holiday with you, especially if they ski at a different level to you. A case would be where they are a complete novice and spend most of their day on the beginners slopes – on their own, since you’re off trying to break your neck on some decent red runs at the top of the mountain!

The situation can also be worse if you ski with a group of friends of similar abilities. The beginner can so easily feel like an outsider, or even a hinderence, if you feel obliged to hang around the nursery slopes to keep them company.

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Or another case. You ski and your new partner snowboards. You don’t want to learn to snowboard and they don’t want to start falling off skis – so you end up spending most of the day doing your own thing, unless of course you’re both very good and can handle both on and off piste.

So, if we can get a wide variety of abilities together, from complete novice to experienced skier, there’s a better chance of going skiing in groups where there will be company for every level, so no-one has to spend the day skiing alone, which is, to be fair, fun to start with but can be a bit boring.

So tell your friends. The more people we can get on here the better the chance of arranging some really great group holidays!

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