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Geneva easyJet Check-in?

OK, so who’s flown through Geneva airport recently with easyJet?

It’s been nearly 12 months since we were last there, and the memory of the queues still haunts me! The queue for the easyJet check-in surely has to be one of the longest seen in any airport, with every flight in the same line, regardless of how long you have before your flight departure.

Your gate might close in 40 minutes and everyone in front of you has 2 hours, but you still have to queue behind them.. and that’s before you even get to the human snake waiting for security!

So my question is this. Does easyJet have a dedicated check-in desk for ‘Speedy Boarding’ customers? I know they used to have at most airports, and I’m pretty sure I remember seeing one there as we were queueing last time, but no-one at easyJet seems to know.

Since the introduction of the easyJet Plus membership card, it would also appear that you can no longer simply book ‘Speedy Boarding’ as an option, but instead have to (maybe) pay extra for ‘Up Front’ or ‘Extra Legroom’ seating – again, the guidelines here seem to be a bit blurred.

I’d be grateful if anyone who has travelled through Geneva airport recently would let us know if there is a dedicated desk for ‘Speedy Boarding’ customers, or do we have to arrange to get to the airport at least 4 hours early to get to the gate on time!